Nuremberg Walking Tours


JANUARY-MARCH: Wednesday, Saturday

APRIL-DECEMBER: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

Additional Friday tours in JUNE, JULY and DECEMBER



In front of the large center entrance of the Nuremberg train station (Hauptbahnhof).The guide will be holding a red and white

"Nuremberg Tours in English" sign.

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Full Tour - Old Town and Nazi Rally Grounds

(4 hours including lunch break in marketplace) - €22/students €19

Old Town Tour (2 hours) - €10/students €9


Our tour is also available through Radius Tours as a day-trip

from Munich leaving at 8:40am from Munich central train station.



RESERVATIONS ARE USUALLY UNNECESSARY. You can buy your ticket in advance through our website or simply pay cash to the guide on the day of the tour. We use Germany's efficient and environmentally friendly public transportation for our walking tours and any transport costs are included in the tour prices. Our goal is to both inform and entertain the English-speaking visitors to this great city. We offer tours led by experienced, fluent English-speaking guides and believe walking is the best way to see Nuremberg.

Tour highlights in the Old Town include the city walls, Craftsmen's Court, St Lawrence Church, Marketplace with the Beautiful Fountain and Wishing Ring, Old Town Hall, Albrecht-Dürer-Platz and the Imperial Castle Courtyards.


At the Rally Grounds you'll see Nuremberg's former World War I memorial, the Luitpold Arena from "Triumph of the Will" and the site of the Luitpold Hall, The Great Street and the Congress Hall of the Nazi Party.


Let us show you a truly extraordinary place: beautiful and prosperous medieval walled city, center of the Holy Roman Empire, cradle of the German Renaissance, Temple City of the Third Reich, and home to both the Nuremberg Nazi Rallies and Nuremberg Trials. Our guides will show you where German Emperors were crowned, where saints are buried, where the most famous and talented German artisans in history created awe-inspiring works and where the colorful and lively markets have taken place for almost 700 years. We'll explore the enchanting Old Town with its fantastic regional food and drink and the greatest Christmas Markets in Germany (Christmas Markets are in December, but Christmas shopping is available year-round). After a lunch break in the marketplace, we'll head out to the nazi rally grounds, the largest Third Reich ruins in the world.

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